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Katalog Rimini Altar Deutsch/Engl.Ausgabe

The catalogue accompanied the exhibition "The Rimini Mission. The Rimini Altarpiece" (5/11/21–25/9/22) and is published in German with an English Appendix.

The Rimini Crucifixion Altarpiece is considered to be one of the finest achievements of transalpine art sculpture from the 1430s and is a major work of the Liebieghaus Sculpture Collection in Frankfurt/Main. Acquired in 1913 the 12 statuettes of apostles and the crucifixion scene accompanied by many figures has always attracted great interest not just amongst experts and not only due to the use of alabaster and the scope of the Southern Dutch ensemble but also on account of its enormous artistic quality and craftsmanship. The restoration of the altarpiece over a period of several years involved intensive research of a technological, geochemical and art-historical nature. New facts and surprising details came to light as a result. These insights but also the new restoration methods are vividly illustrated in this first monograph on the Rimini altarpiece.